Poultry Show

wednesday, july 24

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Receiving Animals

Judging will follow.

Poultry Show Awards will be Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

Classes: There will be separate classes for bucks and does in each of the following classifications.


   1.  Standard Breeds – The following breed classifications are recognized:  American, Asiatic, English, Mediterranean,

         Continental, and Other Standard Breeds, and Misc.

   2.  Bantam Breeds – The following breed classifications are recognized:  Game Bantam, Single-Comb 

         Clean-Legged Bantam, Rose-Comb Clean-Legged Bantam, Feather-Legged Bantam, Any Other Comb Clean Legged

         Bantam, Bantam Duck, and Misc. 

   3.  Turkeys – Only one tom and one hen in each breed may be entered in this section. Bronze, Narragansett, White

          Holland, Black, Slate, Bourbon Red, Beltsville Small White, Royal Palm.

   4.  Pigeons – A separate entry form is required when entering pigeons.  Single birds only of any  recognized breed. Name

          of breed and sex must be on entry form.

Water Fowl:

   5. Standard Duck – The following may be entered:  Single Duck, Single Drake, and Trio  (1 drake and 2 ducks).

          • Heavy Weight – Pekin, Aylesbury, Rouen, Muscovy

          • Medium Weight – Cayuga, Crested, Swedish, Buff 

          • Light Weight – Runner, Campbell, Magpie

   6.  Geese – Only one gander and one goose in each breed may be entered by each exhibitor. 

          • Heavy Class – Toulouse, Embden (Emden), African

          • Medium Class – Sebastopol, Pilgrim, American Buff , Saddleback Pomeranian

          • Light Class – Chinese, Tufted Roman, Canada, Egyptian

Rules & Regulations

  1. Entry Fee - $1.50 per bird.
  2. Those entering falsely will be automatically disqualified.
  3. All animals will be subject to inspection for parasites, colds, disease, etc. prior to being accepted in the competition.
  4. If space allotted is filled prior to the closing date of entries, the Event Directors reserve the right to refuse additional entries.
  5. Each exhibitor is restricted to a total of 15 poultry.
  6. Grade poultry will be accepted. Poultry feed will be provided. Exhibition cages will be provided.
  7. Poultry will be shown on all days.  Poultry may not be removed before Saturday, July 27, 2019, 8:00 p.m. Removal before the appointed time will forfeit all prizes awarded; any exhibitor removing livestock for reasons other than sickness prior to Saturday night must have it cleared at the discretion of the Event Directors.
  8. All animals will meet the requirements set by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.
  9. Poultry drop-off  through Gate D, park in front of the poultry/rabbit building, unload and exit  through Gate D.  Pick-up through Gate D aft er 8:00 p.m., park in front of the poultry/rabbit building,  load and Exit through Gate D.

For more information, contact:

Event Directors:

Fred Pimentel, Karl Pyrdom, Christine Pyrdom, & Karl Pyrdom, Jr.


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