2019 Central Region 4-H Meat Goat Show

Saturday, july 27 - 3:00 PM

Weigh In Time: 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Entry Fee: $4 per head

Rules & Regulations

  1. Competition is limited to 4-H and FFA members from counties in the Tennessee Extension Central Region.
  2. 4-H and FFA members are required to have been enrolled in the fourth grade on January 1 of the current calendar year in order to be eligible to exhibit their goats in this show and will become ineligible at the end of the calendar year following their graduation from high school or upon their 20th birthday, whichever comes first.
  3. This show is open to any breed or crossbred wether or doe. Animals having testicular tissue will be dismissed.    Unhealed wethers will be dismissed. The judge will be placing emphasis on muscling, finish, structural soundness,  carcass merit, balance and style.
  4. Goats will be weighed and classes divided by weight and sex with no more than 12 animals per class at the discretion of the Fair.
  5. All animals must be of weaning age.
  6. There will be three divisions shown. A market goat division is for wether or doe kids raised for slaughter. All animals must have their kid teeth to show in this division. A doe kid division is for doe kids that are raised for replacement breeding animals and must have all of their milk teeth to compete in this division. A yearling doe division is for does raised as replacement breeding does that have lost any milk teeth but have no ore than two sets of adult teeth.
  7. All does with more than four permanent teeth will be grouped in one class and ineligible to show for Champion.
  8. Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of eight (8) goats but show a maximum of five (5) goats
  9. All goats should be dehorned or have horns tipped or covered to prevent injury.
  10. All market goats and commercial does MUST have a special Tennessee Junior Livestock Program ear tag in order to show. Ear tags will be sent to exhibitor’s county Extension office. Extension agents or agriculture teachers MUST supervise the tagging of each animal.
  11. Due to limited space no tack pens will be allowed. All pens are designated for animals. Exhibitors will provide their own feed/water pans and feed/hay. Pens are bedded with wood chips.
  12. Exhibitors will be released after the show is completed AND premium checks have been distributed. 

**It is required that exhibitors have USDA Scrapie Tag numbers for all entries.

Showmanship Classes **Must use goat entered in show for showmanship, except Pee Wee Class.

All grades are as of January 1 of current year. 

Pee Wee Class

Class 1 Explorer                      4th Grade

Class 2 Junior                          5th & 6th Grade

Class 3 Junior High               7th & 8th Grade

Class 4 Senior Level I            9th & 10th Grade

Class 5 Senior Level II          11th & 12th Grade

Five animals from 3 or more exhibitors from the same county.

Deadlines and Entries

Market Goat Ownership and Ear Tag—July 1

Commercial Doe Ownership and Ear Tag—July 1

Entries Due—July 10

  1. Have goat entries entered into the web site database by your county 4-H Extension Agent by July 10. 
  2. Send copy of entry forms with Central Region entry fees to Central Region Office by July 10. Scan as PDF and  email is acceptable. Do not fax. Central Region entry fees $4.00/head. Make checks payable to UT Extension—Central Region.

For more information, contact:

Event Directors:

John Teague: 931-684-5971

Mitchell Mote: 615-898-7710


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