Fun Dog Show

WEDNESDAY, JUly 24 - 7:30PM

Registration starts at 7:00PM

Bring your best friend and show them off . Th is dog show is open for beginners to professionals, purebreds to mutts, and anyone who would like to attend. 

Class Schedule:

  1. Children's costume- dress the children in a cute costume and let them show off  their best friends.
  2. Trick dogs- Let the public see ho hard you have worked to teach your dog a new trick.
  3. Puppies- 11 months and younger
  4. Mutts- no pedigree dogs
  5. Lap Dog
  6. Big Dog 
  7. Obedience class(Heel, sit & stay)
  8. Bad Dog- This class is for dogs that have no talent, don't listen, etc...
  9. Farm/Hunting Dogs
  10. Ladies and their Dogs
  11. I look like my master
  12. Best of Show- you must have placed 1st in the above classes to compete in this class. No entry fee required.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. $5.00 entry fee per classes 1-11
  2. Classes 1-11 will have ribbons 1st-3rd and a dog collar sponsored by the "Winners Circle". Class 12 will   receive a Trophy.
  3. Dogs are to be kept outside of the buildings and Livestock pavilion.
  4. All dogs must be kept on a leash.
  5. Dogs must have proof of current rabies vaccination.
  6. The Bedford County Fair Board of Directors or any of its employees will not be held responsible for any    article of any kind or nature that may be lost , destroyed or injured. Each exhibitor is responsible for any   injury that may be occasioned to any person whomever, by animal exhibited, and its exhibitor shall   indemnify the Fair and its Directors against all claims and demand of any kind or nature, that can grow out   of an injury occasioned by any animal exhibited or arise from the negligence of the person in charge of such animal.

For more information, contact:

Event Directors:

Matt Ledbetter

Cascade FFA


North Point Animal Hospital