Friday, July 26 - 6:00PM


Class A - Southdown                     Class B - Shropshire                                  Class C - Suffolk

Class D - Hampshire                      Class E- Other Breeds Meat                    Class F - Wool Breeds

Class G - Katahdin


  1. Sr. Ram Lamb (born September 1—December 31 prior year)
  2. Early Jr. Ram Lamb (born January 1—February 15 current year)
  3. Late Jr. Ram Lamb (born February 16—present current year)
  4. Pair of Ram Lambs (Lots 1-3)
  5. Champion Ram—Rosette
  6. Reserve Champion Ram—Rosette
  7. Sr. Yearling Ewe (born September 1—February 15 prior years)
  8. Jr. Yearling Ewe (born February 16—August 31 prior year)
  9. Pair of Yearlings (lots 7-8)
  10. Sr. Ewe Lamb (born September 1—December 31 prior year)
  11. Early Jr. Ewe Lamb (born January 1—January 31 current year)
  12.  Intermediate Jr. Ewe Lamb (born February 1—February 28 current year)
  13. Late Jr. Ewe Lamb (born March 1 or later current year)
  14. Pair of Ewe Lambs (lots 11-13)
  15. Flock (2 Yearling Ewes, 2 Ewe Lambs and 1 Ram Lamb)
  16. Champion Ewe—Rosette
  17. Reserve Champion Ewe—Rosette

Entry Fee - $2.00 per head


Individual Animal             Lots 1st - $11    2nd - $9    3rd - $8    4th - $6    5th - $4

Group Animal                     Lots 1st - $11    2nd - $9    3rd - $8

Rules & Regulations

  1. This show is open to all worthy entries by Tennessee residents.
  2. All sheep should have valid Health Certificate, valid Registration Papers and Scrapie Tags.
  3. Registration papers may be checked.
  4. Bedding will be provided. No straw allowed.
  5. An exhibitor is defined as a person or farm name that the sheep are registered in.
  6. An exhibitor is limited to 2 entries in an individual animal lot and 1 entry in a group animal lot. Each exhibitor is also limited to 12 head per breed and a maximum of 25 sheep.
  7. No combination of exhibitors will be allowed to make a lot.
  8. Pre-registration is encouraged to ensure availability of pens. Pens for all sheep will be available on firstcome, first-served basis.
  9. We would like sheep in place by 5:30 p.m.
  10. Sheep will be released at the end of the show.
  11. Exceptions to Lot Number may be made when exhibitor wishes to enter a younger animal in the next older age lot. No other exceptions will be made.
  12. The Event Director shall have full discretion pertaining to the show. Any questions, may be directed to Charlene Woodson, 2233 Sims Road, Shelbyville, TN 37160 or (931) 205-4531.

For more information, contact:

Event Directors:

Charlene Woodson: 931-205-4531 


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