General Rules & Regulation

Event Directors and Departments
1. Each event director of any department will have the arrangement and supervision of all articles and animals in his/her department and is responsible to the Board of Directors.
2. Each director will afford the Judges every facility for examination, affix the ribbons, and when the Judges are not on duty, take charge of the lists.
3. Each director is expected to exercise great care of preserving and returning the lists of the awards and upon no other authority can premiums be paid.

Visitors and Patrons
The Association will endeavor to make all visitors and patrons comfortable and pleasant. Each officer desires to render his/her services to any visitor or patron, should occasion require it, and any misconduct on the part of anyone should be reported to the President immediately and appropriate action shall be taken.

Exhibitor Rules
1.  Every article and animal on the grounds shall be under the control of the Board of Directors during the Fair, and every possible precaution will be taken for safekeeping of same, but the Association will in no way be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.
2.  The Director of the Event or Department in which all exhibits are entered will make designation of space for exhibition.
3.  All exhibits entered for competition will be under control of the Director of said event. The Association will furnish security and every precaution will be made against loss or damage to any exhibit.
4.  All entries not claimed by 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 03, 2014 will become the property of the Fair Association of Bedford County, Inc.  Exhibitors having objections to any judge or judges shall make their complaint to the Secretary of the Association, in writing, stating the grounds of the said objection.

Judges will be particular to observe the following rules:
a.  Blue ribbon designated for 1st place.
b.  Red ribbon designated for 2nd place.
c.  Ribbons shall be affixed by the Director under the direction of all Judges at the tie of the award on all articles exhibited and animals in the ring.

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